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While the outside of your tooth is hard enamel, inside is the dental pulp, or the nerves, veins, lymph vessels, and other sensitive tissue. These extend from the roots to the crown of your teeth. When your teeth are cracked from trauma or decay, the pulp can quickly become diseased or injured, causing you pain.

When this happened years ago, the injured pulp died and your tooth needed to be extracted. Thankfully, dentistry has changed dramatically over the years. As your endodontist, Dr. Aurbach can help you keep your natural teeth over your entire lifetime and fight infection and trauma with the following services.

Diagnostic Services

If you have fractured or traumatized teeth, the first thing Dr. Aurbach will do is examine the tooth causing you pain, for sensitivity to hot or cold, inflammation, excessive wear, or looseness. He’ll take magnified digital photographs and digital x-rays to check for periodontal disease, cracks, or decay on your teeth. He’ll examine the joints in your jaws and the way you bite to prevent other teeth from cracking. Most importantly, Dr. Aurbach will listen to your questions and concerns about your teeth. From there, he’ll determine a diagnosis and discuss your treatment options with you.

Non-surgical Endodontic Treatment

During this service, Dr. Aurbach removes the crown of the infected tooth and cleans the diseased pulp from the chamber and root canals of your tooth. If your tooth was severely infected, Dr. Aurbach may recommend leaving the tooth open for a few days to drain. The chamber and root canals are then shaped to resemble the original tooth, filled with composite resin, and sealed with a natural looking crown. We will also give you antibiotics to help you control any infection that has spread beyond the tooth. Dr. Aurbach may perform this practically painless treatment in one to three visits.

Surgical Endodontic Treatments

Dr. Aurbach completes a thorough endodontics examination of your teeth so he can study the root structure and see if there is any damage beyond the tooth and the dental pulp. If so, Dr. Aurbach may recommend surgical endodontics treatment. The most common surgical treatment is a root end resection. In this procedure, we replace the tip of the root with a filling to seal the root structure. Since each person is unique, Dr. Aurbach will need to evaluate your mouth to see if surgical endodontics treatment is right for you.

Sedation Dentistry

While we offer a variety of practical amenities to help you stay comfortable while you’re in our office, many patients still have a hard time relaxing. Fortunately, Dr. Aurbach offers sedation dentistry to help you safely relax.

With nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, we place a small inhaler of pure oxygen over your nose for you to breath. After a few minutes, we’ll turn on the nitrous oxide. Most patients experience an initial sensation of light-headedness, followed by a comfortable feeling of warmth. Throughout the endodontics procedure, you’ll be completely conscious and we’ll adjust the flow of nitrous as needed. At the end of our treatment, we’ll give you oxygen again and after we’re done, you can walk out of our office feeling normal.

With oral conscious sedation, we will prescribe a sedative pill to take before your visit. By the time you arrive for your appointment, you will be very drowsy. From there, we will escort you to our dental chair and place you on a monitor that watch’s your vital signs. As we work, you feel comfortable and relaxed. Afterward, you will need to have a companion drive you home, as you should not operate a motor vehicle for 24 hours after your visit.

Cutting-Edge Tools and Technology

Our practice believes in using the finest and latest instruments with our patients. All of our x-rays are taken using digital radiography, a method that provides instant images and reduces radiation exposure. Dr. Aurbach uses electric handpieces, so he can work quickly and efficiently without irritating noise, and magnification to get highly detailed images of your teeth.
While these instruments help many dentists, Dr. Aurbach feels craftsmanship should always take precedence over technology. He has seen wonderful work performed 20 to 50 years ago by dentists working with less sophisticated tools. That’s why he studies all technology and refines his own skills to create beautiful, durable, and long lasting dentistry for you.

Patient Safety

When you are our patient we hope we can improve your overall health as well as your dental health. That’s why we rigorously follow the latest sanitation and sterilization guidelines available for medical professionals. We use sterile water lines during our treatment and for cleaning up afterwards. We have steam and chemical autoclaves as well as dry heat and cold sterilization. Before each appointment, we set up using sterile wrap trays, and during your visit, we clean our hands with sterility guidelines developed by surgical teams. Our entire team also wears protective clothing, such as gloves, masking, and protective eyewear.

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