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Even the most talented and extensively trained dentist knows - no one doctor has the experience and skill to manage every aspect of their patient’s dental health. That’s why you need an endodontics specialist who can match the high quality care you offer in your practice. If you’re looking for an endodontist, talk to Dr. Justin E. Aurbach.

Our practice has the extensive experience and knowledge that you’re looking for. Dr. Aurbach is an endodontist, a Baylor College of Dentistry professor, and a lifelong scholar of dentistry. He follows the latest technology and research and uses the most-proven techniques, products, and treatments with your patients. Even if you’re treating someone who is a little jittery, Dr. Aurbach has a gentle demeanor and a certification in sedation dentistry to make sure your patient is comfortable.

For the past 25 years, Dr. Aurbach has worked with a group of friendly, dedicated dental professionals. Together, they can listen to your patient’s concerns as well as confer with you on a possible treatment plan. We always work with you to give your patient the best and most gentle in-office and follow-up care.

If your patient needs endodontic treatment and you want a professional who complements the optimal care you offer at your practice, give us a call at 972-233-9772. We also invite you to browse through our website to learn more about us and the services we offer. Dr. Aurbach and his team know that you’ll be impressed.

5925 Forest Lane #314 ~ Dallas, TX 75230 ~ Phone: 972-233-9772

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