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Once you get to know us, you’ll see that we’re a friendly team of professionals. Most of our team has been with Dr. Aurbach for at least 25 years, so we’re able to use our skills and experience to anticipate your patients’ needs. You can learn more about us by reading below.

Our Team

Our chairside assistant, Cheryl, makes friends with all of our patients. She has been helping Dr. Aurbach deliver quality service for the past twenty years.

Claudia, our office manager, has been with our practice for 26 years. She knows the ins and outs of our office and is always willing to help you.

Our appointment secretary, Ann, does a bit of everything around our practice. She can help you with scheduling appointments and any policy questions you may have.

Justin E. Aurbach, DDS

With several family members in the medical field, Dr. Aurbach became interested in dentistry early in life. He enrolled at the Baylor College of Dentistry and after receiving his DDS, he studied endodontics at the Henry Goldman School of Dental Medicine at Boston University. After he received his degree, Dr. Aurbach held a residency at Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Hospital. Later, he returned to Baylor and taught dentistry for several years.

Dr. Aurbach has 34 years of experience in teaching and practicing dentistry. He has lectured on dental topics at the American Dental Association, the American Endodontics Association, Boston University, and the Texas Football Association. Dr. Aurbach has contributed to textbooks, such as Wilson’s Periodontal Maintenance, published by Quintessence, and his writing has appeared in the Journal of Endodontics.

Dr. Aurbach maintains his education with frequent continuing education seminars. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association, the American Endodontics Association, the Texas Endodontics Association, the Southwest College of Dentists, the American College of Dentists, and the International College of Dentists. Currently, Dr. Aurbach is the president of the Dallas County Dental Association.

5925 Forest Lane #314 ~ Dallas, TX 75230 ~ Phone: 972-233-9772

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